Thursday, 24 March 2016


Most successful entrepreneurs have the following traits. Do you think you have these?

1. Passion: Entrepreneur must love what they do and have an undying passion for their idea or concept, so much so that work doesn't feel like work. If you don't love what you do, you are unlikely to dig deep and stick it out when inevitable challenge arise. 

2.Curiosity: Curiosity is the mother of innovation. Entrepreneur have an insertiable curiosity about how things work and they love to ask questions about anything and everything. They replace knowledge for impression. 

3.Optimism: Entrepreneur see the glass as half full and think of problem as an opportunity for innovation (but can sometimes get into trouble if they are unwilling to see problems and correct causes when needed). They are easily discouraged. 

4.High Competitive: Entrepreneurs are naturally competitive and want to win and prove to the "no sayer" that they can achieve their goals. 

5.Proactive in their approach: Entrepreneurs are never satisfied with the status quo, and proactively seek to solve problems and create value. 

6.Frugality: Successful entrepreneurs tend to be careful with money and have a firm grasp on what things cost and their value to business. 

7.Early blomers: Entrepreneurs often displayed an entrepreneurial spirit as children, when they started value creation activities such as babysitting a lemonade stand or a newspaper route. 

8.Legacy entrepreneur: Entrepreneurs commonly have parents or other family members who have owned their own business and set an example of entrepreneurial success.

9.Decisiveness: Good Entrepreneurs must be able to make decisions if they want to keep the enterprise moving forward. This requires the ability to make sound and timely decisions about the best way to proceed. 

10.Risk-Takers:Good Entrepreneurs have the courage to take risks but they don't gamble. Everything they do is calculated to achieve success. 

11.High Energy: Entrepreneurs often have to work around the clock with very limited humor and financial resources. They are full of energy and can tolerate sleeplessness and thrive in chaos more than the average person. 

12.Independent: Entrepreneurs are typically loners who want to control their own destinies but the good ones also know how to harness outside resources and ask for help. 

13.Humble: Entrepreneurs are highly opportunistic, flexible and responsive to changes while they may understand the importance of having a plan and sticking to it, they are humble enough to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. 



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